Don Shepperd

Major General Donald W. Shepperd, USAF (Ret.) is president of The Shepperd Group, Inc. He performs independent consulting on defense, strategic planning, executive leadership, information technology and visioning and preparation of executive teams for the 21st century. He was a fighter pilot who flew 247 combat fighter missions in Vietnam. He retired in 1998 from the Pentagon where he served as head of the Air National Guard. He commanded over 110,000 Air National Guard personnel, 1400 aircraft, 88 flying units, and 250 support units spread throughout the 54 states and territories. General Shepperd was a military analyst for CNN.

He is also a writer and provides military commentary for radio in Arizona, Colorado, and the east coast.  He serves on several boards and was an ad hoc member of the Air Force Scientific Advisory Board.

He lives with his wife in Tucson, Arizona. His latest book, Bury Us Upside Down, published by Random House, is available in bookstores and on-line.

The Friday Pilots

Walk into Hacienda del Sol on a Friday noon and you will see a table of anywhere between 12 and 20 men…

Bury us Upside Down

Bury Us Upside Down is a book about 157 men who flew a special, Top Secret mission during the Vietnam War…


Misty is a collection of first person stories of 157 pilots who flew in a special Top Secret mission during the Vietnam War…

Those Red Tag Bastards

A collection of stories written by the members of the Class of 1962, the fourth class to graduate from the United States Air Force Academy…

Class of '58

A collection of original stories written by the members of the class of 1958, Wheat Ridge High School, Wheat Ridge, Colorado..

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